Mixed by Peter Worth 2007 | 76.52

A straight-up dancefloor mix with tracks by Highlife, Olav Bosaski, Deepgroove, Giddy Aunt and many more. The final track “Lord Of The Land by Cyclone harks back to better days. Cover photograph: Fritz Busam

1 Highlife "Mercy On Me"
2 Echo Motel "Give It"
3 Olav Basoski "Waterman"
4 Deepgroove "Carnival"
5 Snapshots "Take 5"
6 Giddy Aunt "Drum & Bass"
7 Trophy Twins "Dutty Rhythym"
8 Funkagenda & Jamodu "Undergound" (Deepgroove)
9 Deepgroove "Drum honey" (Trophy Twins)
10 Chroma "We Got Tha" (Twilight Baracus)
11 Dave Aldershaw "Square Funkin"
12 Filterfunk "S.O.S (Message In A Bottle)" (Delano & Crockett)
13 Deepgroove "Fascinated"
14 Cyclone "Lord Of The Land"