Save The Robots

Mixed by Peter Worth 2007 | 79.20

This a seriously cool electro and acid house mix with tracks by nocolas Vallee, Umek, Dave Spoon, Micky Slim, Swen Weber, Plump DJs and more. I pressed 150 CDs of this mix and passed them around Key West, Florida as promotion for the event of the same name.

1 Nicolas Vallee "Acid Punch"
2 Umek "Posing As Me"
3 Robot Needs Oil "Volta" (Olivier Giacomotto)
4 Mark Mendes "His Music"
5 Dave Spoon "Outside"
6 Kaiser Souzai "Girl"
7 Chad Lewis "Raw Kemistry" (Micky Slim)
8 The Age Of Steam "Disco Mafia" (Audiojack)
9 Swen Weber "First Stroke"
10 Bobby Peru "Erotic Discourse" (Audiojack)
11 Nicolas Vallee "Intercom 2"
12 Chris Lake and Micky Slim "Shake"
13 Plump DJs "Electric Disco" (D Ramirez)