Brain Candy

Mixed by Peter Worth 2008 | 77.36

A mind-melting progressive house mix with tracks by 16 Bot Lolitas, Jim River, Sebastien Leger, Paolo Mojo, Radio Slave, Joris Voorn and more.

1 16 Bit Lolitas “The Bus I Wasn’t Officially On”
2 The Funky Bastard “Pose You”
3 Sultan, Ned Shepard & Maher Daniel “Itajai Vibes”
4 Jim River “Next Step”
5 Joris Voorn “A Thousand Lost Souls”
6 Sebastien Leger “Cylo”
7 Ohmna “Police squid”
8 K Lavander “Blue Lividus”
9 Spirit Catcher “Brain Candy”
10 Paolo Mojo “JMJ”
11 CVS “Warrior”
12 Lake & Leger “Word”
13 Radio Slave “Secret Base”
14 Joris Voorn “Revelation”