Mixed by Peter Worth 2005 | 71.04

Recorded back in 2005 then lost in the shuffle, this mix resurfaced in 2007. Fun disco house featuring tracks that I used to play the arse off when I was going through the happy/bubbly dancefloor phase.

1 Anthony Acid “Big Time Acid”
2 DJ Tekin “Wait Forever” (Mark Pichiotti)
3 Freemasons “Zap Me Lovely”
4 Chocolate Puma “A Star Is Born”
5 Macca “Backtrack”
6 Drummatic Twins “The Flunk”
7 Pig Hair “Ying Tong”
8 John Dahlback “Nothing Is For Real” (Mark Knight)
9 Mike Monday “Get Down” (Musical Mash)
10 Richard F & Ralphie Romance “Say What”
11 Thick Dick “Welcome 2 The Jungle”
12 Suicide Sports Club “Last Ghost In Town” (Redanka)